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The user can also add up to a customiz feature to his account, such as a payment system or additional filters to collect customer information – in the paid version it is possible to add more features. The tool gives access to an administration page where the user can view the client’s history, cancel or reschedule appointments and add notes to appointments. Regarding notifications, SimplyBook.Me sends automatic emails for confirmations, reminders BW Lists and cancellations, allowing you to also activate the sending of a feedback request after the service has been perform. Complete version In the paid plan, the user can increase the amount of appointments, has access to HIPAA security standards, is able to offer discount coupons, in addition to being able to implement on-site payment with POS system.

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The SuperSaaS online scheduling system can be use both for individual appointments (sales team, for example) and for group appointments (at a gym or language school). In the free version, the user can receive up to 50 appointment Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List appointments, with a total storage of up to 500 old appointments. The tool allows the company to customize the online booking page with its own logo. To view the appointments made, you can view them by day, week or month. You can also access the history of each client and, in addition, receive a daily report on scheduling activities. Complete version SuperSaaS paid plans release other features, such as increasing the maximum number of bookings, using the system without ads.

Complete version SuperSaaS

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Synchronizing with external calendars, customizing layout settings and setting up payment systems and rules. Choosing a Free Online Scheduling Platform Faced with the various options of online scheduling systems available on the market, it is recommended to first think about your team’s needs when adopting a new software in your company. In addition, it is important to make some more specific considerations: Online appointments limit: Most free online booking platforms have a maximum number of appointment bookings. If quantity is an important item for your business, look for a platform that can meet your need for appointments.

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