Socializing in the metaverse is the main interest of those

Still, what prevents these people from accessing the metaverse is that 39% say they don’t know how to access it. This suggests that companies that choose to create experiences in this virtual world should invest in educational actions and guidelines so that a more widespread adoption can happen. The main disadvantages of the metaverse report by BW Lists those interest in accessing it were addiction to the virtual world (45%) and the fact that the equipment is expensive (43%). Regarding this last point, one of the challenges for the expansion of the metaverse in Brazil, according to specialists, is precisely the high price of virtual reality devices.

Another way to be present

How can your company take advantage of the metaverse? The metaverse is still in the process of being develop, but that doesn’t mean companies can’t start exploring a virtual world. The closest thing to an immersive experience nowadays Venezuela B2B List are actions carri out through virtual reality, develop with specific programs . In human resources, for example, some companies have already conduct job interviews using virtual reality glasses, which can make the process more dynamic, even if carri out from a distance. Another way to be present in this virtual world is by promoting marketing actions in the metaverse. Currently, this type of campaign has been restrict to creating sponsor spaces within games or offering virtual products for avatars.

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However, there are brands that have creat their own space in the metaverse , allowing consumers to buy products online and receive them at home. This can be done with virtual reality software , which allows the creation of graphics in this online world. This makes it possible for booking information and guest data to be fully digitiz, without taking up physical spaces in the hotel. In this way, it is possible to maintain a more sustainable management, with less use of paper, and even better use of the professionals’ time, since they do not need to fill out and locate files. Bitz Hotel is a hospitality system that offers an occupancy map in which it is possible to manage all the rooms in the property and integrate the information with other services, such as cleaning and maintenance.

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