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Many website creation software include features that help adapt the layout for use on cell phones or tablets. 2- Live chat will be increasingly adopt as a service channel The first part of Capterra’s investigation into customer service, which was publish in the article Customer Service Research Shows Customer Service Better Now Than Two Years , Capterra identifi that the first service method consumers would seek assistance with would be live BW Lists chat with an agent (48%), displacing traditional channels like telephone (33%). Live chat is one of the e-commerce trends Regarding this support channel, consumers highlight that some of its advantages are: being able to better explain their problems when they write (54%) and being able to do other things while being assist (50%). In this context, it seems that companies are already identifying the demand for live chat.

Live chat is one of the e-commerce

In the second part of the investigation, whose respondents were professionals connect to the customer service of small and medium-size companies (SMEs), Capterra identifi that 33% of the companies interview would like to explore live Brunei B2B List chat in the future. Currently, the main channel use by these businesses is telephone service (88%). Data from the second part of Capterra’s investigation was shar in the article Technology in customer service: research points to demand for live chat . tip for companies A support channel base on exchanging messages with an agent can be structur through the use of live chat software . In this type of service, the ideal thing is for the attendant to be train to respond clearly and quickly to messages from consumers so that communication can be efficient.

Logistics was also one of the subjects

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Consumers will expect shorter delivery times Logistics was also one of the subjects address in the Capterra surveys. In the article Quick commerce: 95% of consumers would like to reduce delivery times , it was identified that 9 out of 10 online consumers have reduc delivery times, with the majority of respondents expecting their orders to be deliver within one or two days Useful. Another point of attention is that speed of delivery (49%) prov to be a more important item than price (33%), signaling the weight that consumers give to the speed with which their orders arrive at their homes. For e-commerce in 2023, fast deliveries will be fundamental For 56%.

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