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From simpler applications that only offer basic editing to more complex tools with advanced features, there are several photo editing software available on the market for companies that have experienced or novice designers. However, not all photo editing tools fit every budget. That’s where free programs come in to help. Free photo editing tools BW Lists not only allow you to digitally enhance and manipulate images, they won’t break any budget. In the video below, see a brief analysis of the selected videos: Discover free software options for photo editing ( Source ) This article lists five options, based on Capterra user reviews, to help businesses in their search for the best free photo editor.

The software also allows collaboration

Canva is an online image editing app for beginner to advanced users. The tool offers the possibility to manipulate and customize photos in projects such as flyers, leaflets, logos and posters, and publish directly on social networks. You can also import PDF files and turn them into editable designs. As one of the best free photo editors, this software Solomon Islands B2B List lets you add elements like emojis and animated icons to your design pieces, as well as offers you to create animated projects by applying motion to words or by using dynamic text animations. Some of Canva’s features include cropping, color correction, creating GIFs, and photo effects to add texture to images. The software also allows collaboration with teammates for the joint creation of projects in real time.

Software lets you add elements like

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with upgrade In the free version of Canva, the platform offers access to more than 250 thousand templates and more than 100 types of design (pre-configured pieces, such as posts for social networks), in addition to 5 GB of cloud storage. In the paid version, more than 610 thousand templates are available, more than 100 million premium elements (for example, videos, photos or audios) and unlimited storage, depending on the contracted plan. Fotor is a photo editor, available on different platforms, which also acts as a graphic design tool.

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