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The platform is unable to continue the service due to its complexity, companies can forward the request to a human agent so as not to harm their customer’s experience. Only 10% of consumers leave feedback after a bad customer service experience Brazilian consumers interviewed by Capterra were willing to leave comments about their experience BW Lists with the company’s support. This is because 9 out of 10 respondents usually send their opinion about the service after contacting customer support (the result is the sum of those who leave comments in different types of situations, whether negative or positive). However, the motivation for leaving a review happens with different purposes behind it: Just over a third of people (39%) send in feedback when they have a positive experience. Only 10% usually give feedback when they experience something bad in their contact with the brand.

People react in different ways depending

Send their opinions regardless of the type of situation experienced. There is a certain difference in the way of giving feedback according to gender. This is because males mainly send feedback when they have a positive experience (43%) and, to a lesser extent, when they face negative experiences (10%). Gender influences opinion on customer service Togo B2B List in Brazil Among people who defined themselves as being female, most (49%) declared that they leave comments, regardless of the type of situation experienced. The impact of service on consumer perception People react in different ways depending on their perception of the care they receive. When faced with poor service, half of the respondents said they stopped buying from the company. Some interviewees (21%) choose to discourage people they live with from buying from the brand.

Banks lead with best customer support

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When they have experience of good service, 37% become “promoters” of the brand and prioritize its recommendation to people around them; meanwhile, 32% said they remain loyal to the company, even if there is a cheaper competitor. Banks lead with best customer support, according to users The banking industry is the best at providing customer support services, according to Capterra respondents. After banks (42%), people also highlighted the service offered by telecommunications companies (38%) and food and restaurant sectors (26%). The data also show that people consider that global companies (42%) are more capable of offering a better service, in relation to local companies (35%). Consumers were also enthusiastic about support offered by long-standing companies (40%) compared to support offered by startups (28%). Already 3 out of 10 (32%) consumers are unable to notice differences between the two types mentioned.

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