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Nano and micro influencers: have fewer followers and tend to be more niche Mega or macro influencers: the difference is the reach of the message thanks to the number of followers. Within this market, the use of influencer tools may be relevant . They assist marketers in discovering digital influencers and developing relationships with them so that they BW Lists can connect with the brand’s audience. What do people like to see when following brands and companies? Of the respondents who said they use social networks to find information about brands, what they like most is the publication of promotions or discounts (80%). To make this type of campaign viable on social networks, it is worth considering the use of social network marketing software , which, in addition to collaborating in the creation of advertisements, allows you to monitor the performance metrics of the pieces.

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Next, 61% say they like companies to post creative and engaging content, and 60% say they like seeing tips on how to use their products or services. Here, influencers don’t seem to carry much weight. Only 27% select “they work/collaborate with influencers/celebrities that I follow”, showing that people follow these individuals more for affinity Qatar B2B List than benefits. Next steps in publishing brand content Companies that intend to be present on social networks should look carefully at the platforms on which they intend to develop customer relationship work. In addition to assessing whether the platform’s profile is in tune with the brand’s audience, before actually starting to post, it’s also worth exploring the features of each social network to find out how its users behave on it. These actions, combin with the use of the right tools, will help the experience to be successful.

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Part of Brazilians’ social life seems to take place online. Although, study shar by the Estado de Minas newspaper show that Brazil is the third country in the world that uses social networks the most , with Brazilians spending almost four hours a day connect to these platforms. In this context, some doubts arise: which are the social networks most use by Brazilians? Is there a difference in usage base on age group? How many times a day do people check their social media? Some of these answers are available in the new Capterra survey, which investigates questions relat to the use of social networks in Brazil. The online survey interview 1024 regular users of digital interaction platforms, age between 18 and 75, who make at least one online purchase every six months.

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