The behavior of respondents in shopping through social networks

The favorite channel for this activity. Each platform has its own features, so it is important for businesses to assess which social network is best suit if they decide to sell through a particular channel. The Capterra study show that, of respondents who had already purchas via social networks, Instagram was the platform most use to purchase BW Lists products or services through these channels (70% stat that they had already use this platform to carry out a commercial transaction). Compar to other social networks, Instagram can succe in social commerce precisely because it is a platform with a strong visual nature, which is a great opportunity for creating product catalogs. When investing in Instagram commerce, it is worth considering using photo editing software or video editing platforms to create higher quality visual content.

Instagram can succeed in social commerce

Research on the use of social networks shows the main platforms for shopping Other social networks also use to buy online were Facebook (67%) and WhatsApp (56%). Both also have functionalities that allow the creation of pages dedicat to Malaysia B2B List commercial transactions. In the case of Facebook, there is the possibility of creating a sales page; on WhatsApp, the user can create a catalog as well as activate the shopping cart functionality. On the other hand, TikTok and Kwai –both video platforms– appear with less incidence, representing 10% and 6% respectively. In this context, platforms currently seem to function more as a channel for promoting products or services than a channel for making purchases. Cybersecurity is a barrier to social commerce.

The second reason

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Although the rate of users who have already purchased on social networks is high, there are still those who have not tri the modality, but are interest in it. When ask about the main impediment to buying via social media, just over half (53%) of respondents who had never made a purchase on this type of channel said they were concern about the risks offered by social media platforms. The second reason, generat from the same question, is also relat to digital security: 30% said they don’t trust redirect links, as they can lead people to a malicious website, which can steal their financial data. The concern is not for nothing, since phishing –electronic communication with fraudulent links– is the most frequent digital attack on small and medium-siz companies (SMEs).

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