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On the other hand, from the employee’s own perspective, customer satisfaction (92%) is one of the most valu characteristics in relation to customer service. Employee well-being (71%), such as mental health and work-life balance, was also one of the most cited aspects. Majority see calls increasing Just over half of respondents say they have seen an BW Lists increase in the number of customer service calls (59%). Service calls have increas, according to officials However, according to the workers’ opinion, this does not seem to be a bad sign. Of those who say that the number of contacts has increased, 34% attribute it to the fact that customers appreciate the support offer by the company and consider it part of their purchase.

Majority see calls increasing

Among those who saw a reduction in the number of service calls, the majority believe that this happen thanks to the implementation of online documentation, which covers the majority of customer queries (41%). Study highlights In this article, we investigate the panorama of customer service in small and medium-size companies (SMEs) from the Mauritius B2B List experience of their own employees, approaching from the main types of technology use to help the routine to the most valu characteristics in customer service. From preparing the dish to the customer’s table, the path may have become longer. And this is not because the restaurant space has increas, but because the movement of food deliver at home has conquer more space in the consumer’s routine.

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This trend is even consolidat in figures. A survey by the Food Service Institute points out that Brazilian spending on delivery reach more than R$ 40 million in 2021 – an increase of 24% compar to the previous year –, with an average spending of R$ 18.22 by consumers. Although the number seems to have been boost by the COVID-19 pandemic, many people intend to maintain the practice of ordering food to receive at home. For those who already own a restaurant, starting a delivery operation may seem complex, as experts recommend that it should be seen as “ a separate business within the restaurant.

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