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The clock control can be carri out with electronic time clock systems , which, in addition to recording the workday, can gather a history of attendance to safeguard the company in the event of labor claims regarding the workday control and overtime payment. How comfortable are employees with each activity that can be monitor? The activities BW Lists track that people feel “very comfortable” in dealing with are precisely those that are already part of their daily lives: activities on the computer (43%), time and attendance control (41%) and workload management (40 %). In a few situations, a decrease in the percentage in the “very comfortable” category and an increase in “very uncomfortable” is not.

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One of the only cases of discomfort is relat to the monitoring of digital communication, in which a significant proportion of respondents (29%) declar themselves “very uncomfortable”; for tracking the use of personal social network accounts, 26% declar themselves “indifferent”. It is worth mentioning that people’s biggest concern Ghana B2B List regarding employee monitoring is the invasion of personal privacy (70%), it makes sense that they cit precisely tools whose line between personal and professional life can be cross. expert tip Companies that implement employee monitoring tools must comply with the rules of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD). Although, with a commitment to specify the employee about the purpose of processing their data and guarantee their consent in relation to the issue.

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Management’s confidence in the work of their subordinates Capterra respondents had to rate the level of trust of their superiors regarding four situations: 1- Take breaks during working hours 2- End the day when the job is done 3- Maintain performance and quality of work/tasks 4- Perform non-work related tasks during working hours Regarding the first three situations mentioned, most believe that their managers are very confident that they perform them correctly. At the same time, nearly half of respondents believe their managers are suspicious of them performing non-work related tasks during working hours.

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