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The difference between a paid. The advertising market and a catalog of. The best advertising agencies in Russia , consisting of TOP thematic headings. Among the leaders of the rating are the largest operators , buyers. Developers and manufacturers , agencies and production studios. The PPAP rating presents leading companies in the field of advertising , event management , BTL and PR , design and branding , indoor and outdoor , mobile and digital and others. According to data for – , a total of companies take part in the rating. Now, in order. Firstly , we occupy th place in the Top Russian agencies in the PR agencies heading. Let us note that from Kazan.

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We are the only ones who enter the top . Secondly , we are on the photo editing servies line of the. Top agencies rating in the Viral Advertising section of PPAP . We are still the only representatives from Kazan. Thirdly , we are on the th line of the Top agencies rating in the Copyright section of RRAP . Third good news Friendlier is the first in Tatars tan. In the ranking of the Top best SMM agencies in Russia Tagline , we are in the place in Russia , the in the Volga region and first in Tatars tan. The course has been set. Now only bigger , better and higher.

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How to write Instagram correctly in Russian. Social networks have BW Lists become an integral part of people s lives , so much so that they have enter the lexicon and everyday speech as common nouns. X Why are you taking pictures of yourself with an empty coffee cup. Y This is a selfie for Instigate s rare now that you meet a person who says. Let s take a photo together so that I can post it on the social network. Instagram pronounces the name of the social. Network with an English American accent . People always misrepresent.

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