What is the difference between ESG and SRI?

Many dishes do not work in the delivery mode, because they arrive at the customer’s house withered, cold or disassembled, impairing the quality of the product. Consider creating dishes that support the transport time to the customer’s address – or at least are sent pre-ready for him to finish. When defining a menu for online sales, keep these BW Lists points in mind: Research what your competitors are selling. Think of products that make your restaurant stand out. List your best selling dishes. Check which of these dishes could withstand shipping. Analyze your production capacity so as not to compromise shipping. Another way to gain insights into your menu is to use the information provid by your restaurant system . Check available raw materials and create recipes based on the foods you have.

Analyze your production capacity

By the way, if you haven’t automated your inventory yet, it’s advisable to do so as soon as possible. By carrying out stock control on a regular basis, you have better visibility of the entry and exit of products and the expiry date of food. In addition, it knows Guam B2B List the right time to make new purchases and does not waste products. As for pricing dishes, you can use your food costing program to help find fair value, manage menu cost, and maximize your profit margin. Always keep in mind that maintaining a long menu requires a large inventory. If you don’t want to take on that expense, then keep the menu lean. 3. Be didactic When it comes to restaurant takeaways, you must also be proactive in educating the public about order consumption.

Good suppliers are essential

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Is the dish you are delivering to be consumed immediately or does it need to be reheated? If it can be heated, is it possible to do it in the package? Let them know so that the customer has the best possible experience. 4. Look for commercial partnerships Among the suggestions on how to set up a food delivery, it is also necessary to look behind the scenes in the kitchen. Good suppliers are essential for restaurants to offer good food – and good service, of course. When choosing your business partners, it can be beneficial to take into account the following points.

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