The errors of the past unsuccessful launches

 In this way, I had time to go through everything necessary with them. Those who have already undergone coaching are always selected as partners . This is because personal experience of coaching is much more effective than if you write something about coaching without practical experience. As an affiliate program, I used Tapfilite for this launch, which I was not 100% sure of its functionality. to be registered, I still felt at times that this was not the case.

Even though the sales were supposed

However, I wanted to thank the partners for their valuable work and I was happy to pay them an extra 10% bonus new database after the launch. Read more: Affiliate marketing: Increase sales by 453.07% (new Case Study + strategy) Social media I would have liked to use social media much more effectively, but the planning time was too short. There just wasn’t enough time anymore. down with a cold and tired after a hard year. I tried – really tried – to be at least somewhat visible on social media, but in the end I just stuck to Facebook. I think I scheduled 5-6 publications on my FB page and shared a couple in a few groups. That’s it.  publications and thinking about the texts.

I spent maybe two hours making

The price of the training almost doubled The original From Blogger to Professional™ online training was 12 weeks long and cost €237 (incl. VAT 24%). Right from the first few meters, I heard that the training material is really useful and helpful, so for the next launch I dared to raise the price of the course. €497 (basic) and €797 (pro). At the same time, I BW Lists renewed the content of the coaching, and introduced new effective methods that I have developed along the way.

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