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Screen recording software allows you to capture the activities on your device screen including cursor movement, web browsing and video calling. They also record the audio output of the device. This type of software can be useful in marketing, product development or sales areas, which often need to record the computer screen to create tutorials, provide instructions to customers or even explain some product functionality. For many companies, it may not BW Lists be feasible to invest in top-of-the-line screen recording software. Instead, you can use a free screen recording tool that meets your business needs while saving money on a paid subscription. This article highlights the top 8 free screen recording tools, listed alphabetically based on Capterra user ratings and reviews (check out the full methodology at the end of the article). 1. Berrycast Berrycast is one of the free screen recorder.

Capterra user ratings and reviews

Berrycast is a video recording application that uses screen output recording to create video clips or messages. It also includes a native feature for editing videos. The screen recorder uses the webcam to create picture-in-picture Tanzania B2B List tutorials (when a thumbnail video is played in the same recording window) or explainer videos. The program also allows the customization of the layout of the recorded video and insertion of the company’s brand. The user can also add audio narration to a captured video, add notes to the narration and edit the video duration to match it. It is also possible to integrate the software with social networks to publish your videos directly on these platforms. CloudApp Looking for the best screen recorder for PC.

The user can also add audio narration

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A free screen recorder that allows you to capture and share videos, GIFs and screenshots with clients and co-workers. It records screen as video or image and share capture in link format. With CloudApp, you can record the entire screen or just a part of it, offering a built-in video editor to adjust the recording time. You can also loop parts of your webcam recordings and turn them into GIFs to pass instructions or explain more complicated concepts. The software also allows the user to add annotations to the recorded videos and blur parts that contain confidential information. In the free version, the user has access to a basic report that includes the total number of material views.


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