The main types of products purchased via social networks

The main points rais were: Just over half of respondents who have already purchas via social networks said they were influenceby paid advertisements, showing that these pieces may not be seen as intrusive. 3 out of 10 respondents who have already BW Lists purchas via social networks said they spend between BRL 100.01 and BRL 250.00 per month on average on these platforms. Although, items were the main product category purchas by respondents via social networks, pointing to potential in social commerce for companies in this segment. Among those who have purchas via social networks, Instagram leads as the main platform use by survey participants to purchase products or services through these channels.

Fashion items were the main product category

Platforms can serve as a guideline for developing the catalog of products for sale or to define whether it is worth investing in commerce through this channel.  Therefore, it is important that companies that invest in this type of service have good Mongolia B2B List logistics to ensure that the goods arrive within the establish period. Logistics software and delivery tracking tools help organize the sector and keep consumers inform about the delivery of their orders. Will you offer a subscription service? See key insights In this survey, we gather some of the main behaviors of consumers in relation to the non-traditional subscription model. Consumers prefer to hire plans with more features, the so-call premium plans.

Offer a subscription service?

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The main means of attracting consumers to non-traditional subscriptions is online advertising. Although, the majority of non-traditional subscription models review, convenience is the top driver that drives customers to sign up. Regarding the last item, it is important for businesses to be able to meet the needs of their customers in order to keep them engag in the long term. Implementing market research is a way to understand what customers are looking to receive from the service they have hir. Audio and video content to make presentations more illustrative. Although, Offline presentation: possibility of sharing the presentation with the public in offline mode.

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