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Video conferencing software In addition to the more obvious feature of being able to see students through calls, videoconferencing software has very useful features when teaching, such as screen sharing, the possibility of uploading files (a presentation, for example) and opening conversations in chat windows. print screen zoom As in the BW Lists videoconferencing software example, it is possible to send messages and files during an event ( Source ) Main features of videoconferencing software: Screen sharing with participants. Live Chat: Text chat during a live conference or after the meeting. Streaming presentations and videos during a video conference. Recording and later playback of live video calls and video conferences. Meeting moderation: The host has control over certain actions. Native mobile applications: possibility to hold online conferences through a mobile application.

Main features of videoconferencing software

Virtual classroom software A virtual classroom requires a considerable investment in audiovisual and IT resources. With this type of tool, a teacher teaches the class in a studio, in front of several screens, while the participants are visible online. At the same time, he can view presentations or answer questions on another screen, for example. The advantage Nepal B2B List of the virtual classroom is that, as the instructor, you can make eye contact with all participants. It also enables greater interaction between the teacher and the students and between the students themselves. In addition to a studio equipped with audiovisual equipment –such as monitors, cameras, etc.–, you should also use virtual classroom software . These are generally the same as those used for webinars.

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Main features of virtual classroom software: Interactive whiteboards for sharing lessons and assignments. Monitoring the attendance of students. Division of the room into smaller groups to facilitate content discussions and interactions. Student Engagement Report. Templates for creating online classes. gamification systems Gamification systems , which can be used for tests and digital games, make classes more fun and interactive. There are simple and intuitive apps to do good tests and games that can be played on your cell phone or computer. Main features of gamification systems: Organize live games via video conference or send the game link to connect with students/participants at home or in other locations. Definition and follow-up of objectives.

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