What is the process of telemedicine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caus an unprecedent health crisis in recent decades, overflowing hospitals and testing the limits of health professionals around the world. The crisis, however, increas the adoption of a practice that seems to be gaining visibility BW Lists in recent years and that, especially in times of saturation of health centers, can be a great ally of both doctors and patients: online medicine. In this article, understand what telemedicine is and how it works. What is telemedicine? Telemedicine refers to professional medical care carri out at a distance, through video calls, phone calls or messages via e-mail. In this type of care, the health professional and the patient do not need to be physically present in the same space.

The health professional and the patient

The consultation takes place as in the face-to-face environment: the professional performs anamnesis, fills out a digital medical record , answers the patient’s questions and at the end, if applicable, generates a medical prescription that can be sent by email or via the medical application (if applicable). is the case). A Capterra study, conduct in Burkina Faso B2B List late 2020, 55% of respondents had already complet an online consultation . With teleconsultations releas in the country, several clinics, offices and hospitals that already practic the modality even before the approval of the new law on the subject (see below) saw the demand for this type of service grow. On the other hand, medical software vendors rush to adapt their products and offer this functionality.

Online medical prescriptions without

Email List

What does the law say The practice of teleconsultation (or virtual consultation) was not regulat in Brazil before the coronavirus crisis. On April 16, 2020, a law was enact that authorizes virtual consultations for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Online medical prescriptions without a verifi electronic signature were bann. In March of the same year, the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) had already releas this type of service. Although, with the subsequent publication of an ordinance by the Ministry of Health on the subject. In addition, at the federal level, a government project in partnership with Albert Einstein Hospital seeks to guarantee access to teleconsultation for patients of the Unifi Health System (SUS).

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