What is the relationship between the environment and companies?

Emissions control tools : they are able to make automatic CO2 calculations and help with emissions reduction planning. Understanding the concept: what is a carbon credit? The carbon credit works as a certificate of non-emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, serving as a negotiation currency in different contexts where there is an interest BW Lists in reducing pollutant emissions. In the carbon market, a credit is equivalent to a ton of CO2 that is no longer emitt. The concept was born in 1997 with the Kyoto Protocol , when develop countries set targets for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. When a country reaches its emission reduction target, it starts to generate carbon credits and can trade them with other nations that have not reach their targets.

Enlisting the help of a specializ consultancy

The carbon market in Brazil In Brazil, carbon credit trading operates through the so-call voluntary carbon market, which means that it is headed by companies, organizations and people who generate or buy credits . This is because in the United Arab Emirates B2B List country, until recently, there was still no legislation regulating the issue. However in was publish, which defines the concept of carbon credit and aims to regulate the market. It is estimat that Brazil, because it has a tropical forest and has a great possibility of developing renewable energy, could move 100 billion dollars by 2030 with this market.

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This commercialization model was also use in the corporate context, since many companies have difficulty in reducing or zeroing carbon emissions, adopting the option of buying credits to balance their emissions. The purchase and sale of credits can be relat to reforestation projects and regenerative agriculture, for example. How can companies invest in carbon credits? If your company delivers products using fossil fuel vehicles, this activity is already link to the emission of pollutants. Therefore, it is indicat as a first step, before investing in carbon credits, that companies are aware of their emissions in order to then identify the impact they are generating on the environment. Enlisting the help of a specializ consultancy to carry out the emission assessment or using emission control tools are two ways to calculate the amount of carbon emissions.

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