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 But it brings a certain professionalism and quality, even if you have a blog made on a free blog platform. Favicon is a small part of the overall brand. The visitor always notices the picture first before reading the text. Our eyes and brains just work that way. By seeing and recognizing the favicon, the visitor can be sure that he has come to the right place.  loads. Especially for bookmarks, a favicon saves the reader time when they can find your blog among other blogs and sites. He doesn’t have to open every bookmark to find what he’s looking for.

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If the blog doesn’t have its own favicon, at worst there would only be a list of B letters in the bookmarks (if you had added different Blogger blogs there. Finding special data the right blog would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Using a favicon makes it easier for your readers to find the best posts quickly. So you improve the reader’s experience of your blog by adding a favicon to your blog. Making a favicon is easy. I myself have made my own Favicon with the free Canva, but it is not the best possible way to do it. I am disturbed by the white background of the picture, which against the dark gray background looks amateurish. Although I’ve been able to do this for a good two years now, let the time for a change come a little later. If you have made or commissioned your own logo for the blog or if you have a company, the logo is perfect as a favicon. But if you don’t have a logo, you can do it with something like Picmonkey. Picmonkey is no longer free, its annual fee is €66.00. Ps  making favicon , but personally I am always careful with these.

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You never know if the photo will come with something extra for the computer or the blog… Making a favicon Favicon size is always square. In the WordPress instructions, it is mentioned that the size of the favicon (or site icon) should be 512 x 512 px. We will also use this size in this example. Let’s get started with Picmonkey. Select Design, mark the correct size and BW Lists click the Make it button. Favicon After that, a transparent background is made for the favicon.

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