The types of software used by SMEs in customer service

These leads can then be assign to your sales team, who can follow up with the information the lead needs for you to make a sale. In this case, operational CRM is beneficial as it moves customers through the sales pipeline faster than if you were using manual processes. Who should use it If the business relies on administrative processes to process BW Lists customer data, such as an accounting or law firm , operational CRM can be helpful. Operational CRM would also be a good fit if your business relies on information passing through multiple channels, as in the sales example just discussed. Strategic CRM Strategic CRM focuses on building strategies base on customer interaction. This type of CRM is especially useful for companies that prioritize long-term customer relationships.

Strategic CRM prioritizes customer interactions

The name strategic CRM comes from the fact that the tool helps to create more effective business strategies through customer data and market trends (see image below). Understand what a strategic CRM is Freshworks Dashboard, which captures customer data in real time ( Source ) main features Strategic CRM prioritizes customer Rwanda B2B List interactions through features such as: Calendar/reminder system sync contact management Interaction tracking Lead generation and qualification pipeline management Segmentation These features provide insights that can help shape the way your team interacts with customers, with the ultimate goal of improving their experience. One such insight could be whether customers prefer to communicate with staff via email or social media.

Customer retention rates

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Who should use it If your business offers a service that must be recurring or ongoing, such as a fitness center, auto repair shop, or internet service, strategic CRM is an option to support long-term customer relationships. Analytical CRM Analytical CRM helps companies understand their customers’ data so they can make more informed decisions. It focuses on reporting analysis and details metrics such as average deal cycle, recurring revenue, top salespeople and/or sales outlets, and customer retention rates. Example of an analytical CRM The Salesforce pipeline management feature ( Source ) main features Analytical CRM monitors sales trends and collects customer data through features such as: Lead generation and qualification pipeline management.

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