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For the research, 1002 online consumers were interview to understand what are the factors that motivate them to carry out segment subscriptions. The complete methodology is available at the end of the article. It is worth mentioning that, in the context of this study, subscriptions to segment services or products are call non-traditional subscriptions, as we BW Lists differentiate them in the box below. The types of signatures analyz in this study In order to facilitate understanding of the different types of subscriptions available on the market, Capterra establish the following definition for the context of this research: – Traditional subscriptions: these are paid online subscriptions that give you access to a digital service such as Netflix or Spotify.

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Non-traditional subscriptions: these are subscriptions that deliver products, such as subscription clubs or supply boxes, or give access to an online service, such as language courses, on a regular basis. Consumer behavior towards non-traditional subscriptions While not the most popular type among Capterra respondents, 3 in 10 (36%) subscribe China B2B List to some type of non-traditional subscription. This percentage refers to the sum between those who have only non-traditional subscriptions (which is 5%) and those who have both types of subscription, traditional and non-traditional – a total of 31%. In this context, Capterra sought to understand some aspects of these consumers’ preferences in relation to the model.

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The first finding refers to the level of benefits chosen: 45% of respondents prefer to opt for a premium subscription, which usually offers the most complete product in terms of features and services – and also ends up being the most expensive. The basic plan is the choice of 38% of consumers consult. Did you know? Companies that intend to venture into the non-traditional subscription market should consider offering different levels of plans, with different features and prices, in order to broaden the range of customers. Pricing optimization software can help define the amounts to be charg. Regarding the average price invested per month in non-traditional subscriptions, just over half (57%) of respondents in this group indicated that they allocate R$51 or more of their monthly budget to subscriptions.

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