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When a customer requires recurring service, this salon program allows you to book the same day and time with the recurrence feature. This beauty salon program offers resources to manage the financial operations of the business, such as employee commission calculation, card installment control and electronic command of services. Gendo BW Lists offers a free version of the product, with limit customer and professional registration. 5. Thanks graces-software-salão-beleza-BR-Capterra-Image-5.jpeg Team management in Graces ( Source ) Graces is a management platform focus on beauty salons, barbershops and aesthetics. In this system, it is possible to use an online calendar with appointment confirmation via WhatsApp, access customer history with their average expenditure in the salon, organize commissions by professional, manage product inventory and issue invoices.

This beauty salon program offers

If the establishment has multiple salons, there is also the option to unify and integrate the management of all of them. Regarding the financial activities of the beauty salon, Graces allows you to draw performance reports to help in taking Wallis and Futuna B2B List actions, in addition to issuing commands with different forms of receipt. The tool also has digital marketing resources, allowing you to create campaigns and grant discount coupons to customers. Graces offers the possibility for the user to test their system for free for a certain period of time. Beauty Dashboard ( Source ) Microvix Beauty is a management system focused on automating processes at establishments operating in the beauty and aesthetics segment.

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With it, it is possible to implement an online schedule that encompasses all professionals and services in the salon, and also manage inventories by monitoring the entry and exit of products in real time. The solution also provides the use of a customized application for clients to access the salon’s service catalogue. Still in terms of customer management, Microvix Beauty allows the creation of promotional campaigns and uses data sets from the system to prepare performance reports, indicating customer priorities in order to assist in their shopping experience. This beauty salon program accepts different payment options, including Pix, through an integrated QR code.

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