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Schedule your instagram stories in advance. We know stories are supposed to be a spontaneous medium. But are you really at your desk or on your phone all day? No! You’re living life so that you have something to make instagram stories about.

You actually can’t schedule stories directly in the instagram app… but you very much can schedule them with hootsuite. Check out our step-by-step guide to scheduling your stories with the hootsuite schedule. Scheduling an instagram story in hootsuite composer.

Add a layer of translucent color to a video or photo. Maybe you see life through rose-colored glasses, and want other people to, too. No sweat: just use this quick trick for colorizing your images or videos.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Upload or shoot your video or photo. Tap the marker icon on the top of the screen. Select the highlighter icon at the top of the screen. Choose your preferred color from the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold the photo until a layer of translucent color appears business email list over top. House with translucent pink color layer

post multiple stories at once. It can take some time to properly prepare, edit or curate a multi-part story, as any social media savant knows. But maybe you don’t want to leave your followers hanging as you search out the perfect background color or combination of stickers for part 2 of your series on your local boat show.

Add Your Heading Tricks and Features

The solution is to prep multiple story posts to all post at once in the order you choose, of course using instagram’s multi-capture tool.

Open instagram stories and scroll down to find the BW Lists multi-capture tool a circle surrounded by another circle made of dashes. Take a photo note: you can’t upload pics or create video in this mode. You’ll see your snap added to a little circle in the bottom left-hand corner or the bottom of the screen.

Take up to 9 additional photos, for a total of 10. Each will be the foundation of a separate story post.
When you’re done, tap on the little circle icon in the left-hand corner, if you’re using a filter, or at the bottom of the screen if not) to move to the editing screen.

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