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Isn t dynamic rendering cloaking? Maybe that’s why. Google wants to withdraw from it. Because it can’t deal with cheaters who create better and better forms of cloaking for gambling advertising ads. Answer Dynamic rendering does not count as cloaking if the same content is actually generat for both the GoogleBot and the regular user. Dynamic rendering is not masking. Googlebot does not consider dynamic rendering to be cloaking and does not perceive it as such as long as it generates similar content” source sdevelopers googlesearchdocscrawling-indexingjavascriptdynamic-rendering hl.

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Google copes with overwriting meta titlescanonicals by JS? Does it take html code into consideration though? Answer We’ve had situations where JS was overwriting canonical incorrectly and GoogleBot saw canonical being overridden by JS. Example the client’s website in the form of a standard HTML code had a correctly implement canonical inthe form of “s.domain”, while JS chang the canonical to “sdomain. remov . As a result, a message appear in Google Search Console that GoogleBot chose a different canonical than indicat by the user (by default Google, the user indicat the version phone number list without. canonical overwritten by JS. JS overriding the canonical was obviously a programming error that ne to be correct. How about a few words about Lazy Loading? Is it worth using.

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Lazy loading understood as loading graphics that are visible) Answer Correctly implement Lazy Loading has a positive effect on the page loading spe (which is one of the ranking factors), so from the SEO perspective it has its advantages. However, it is necessary to verify this solution from the GoogleBot’s perspective and make sure that content using Lazy Loading is visible to it. You can use the methods we mention during the webinar for this purpose. What is lead? Types and generation of leads Ewa Rucha-Wisniewolska October , You will read in ~ min. What is lead The goal of your BW Lists business, like any other is profit.

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