Understanding the concept what is a carbon credit?

Each day we notice a greater interaction of companies in environmental and social causes, aiming to integrate themselves to the demands of the international market”, he exemplifies. And not just in relation to consumption, sustainability exerts an influence. In Capterra’s series of sustainability studies, 73% of respondents said that a BW Lists company’s degree of sustainability influences their choice to apply for a job . That is, employing sustainable actions also directly influences the attraction of talent. SMEs still need to do more to reduce emissions Although buying carbon credits is a relevant strategy for companies, Vanessa Pinsky points out that it is not a panacea for climate change. Companies must reduce their carbon emissions through compensation mechanisms.

Vanessa Pinsky points out

Projects and mitigation initiatives, otherwise it becomes a market for buying and selling pollution rights. And that doesn’t reduce emissions,” she argues. Sometimes it is complicat to keep track of all appointments by writing them down Vietnam B2B List in a paper diary and even more complicat “remembering them off the top of your head”. One way to not get lost between appointments and meetings, while keeping your calendar up to date, is to use an appointment scheduling system . In this article, we separate six options for online marking tools, totally free and with a page in Portuguese (check out the complete methodology at the end of the article.

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Check out in the video a summary of the selection made by Capterra. Summary of Online Scheduling Software Select by Capterra ( Source ) What is an online booking platform? The online scheduling platform allows the online scheduling of meetings, carri out by the client, who can access the calendar of a company or a professional to make an appointment or cancel a visit. It is especially relevant in businesses whose service is structur in time booking, for example: Beauty salons spas Doctors’ office Academy yoga studio Language school Music school Cleaning services fumigation services It is also often employ on specific teams within a business.

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