We demand that products adapt to our preferences

Advantages with advanced integration between analog and digital. The massification of digital technology—an event that began seven decades ago and accelerated in the last two—changed the world. This is a commonly accepted statement and it does not surprise anyone. In recent years, the trend towards digital has become stronger and its impact on consumer behavior has increased. Before, in the 80s and part of the 90s, we were all passive consumers, who submitted—without turning around—to the messages and offers of products or services from big brands. But, now, we are active and participatory consumers; our behavior evolved to such a point that today we set the conditions. In the present, we choose the ways and moments in which we expose ourselves and relate to business also.


Starting with the mandatory adaptation

We demand that products adapt to our preferences, that experiences b2b leads are individual and that marketing actions are personalized. The old world of massification ended and gave way to a new one tailored to our particularities. Do you need us to help you with the creation and implementation of your business’s digital strategy? Let’s talk about this change, generated by new technologies, was reflected in many aspects of business-buyer interactions, and affected all marketing processes . Starting with the mandatory adaptation of products and services to the characteristics of the buyer, going through the personalization of previous and subsequent experiences and ending with the adaptation of the communications.

Because they understood it well and

Created for each stage of the conversion funnel. This scenario BW Lists in which customers control the process and demand greater agility and versatility, was the breeding ground for the birth of omnichannel, a novel marketing and business concept that, at first, confused many. Because they understood it well and they could not separate it from the well-known multichannel – but little by little it separated and gained its own space in the daily discussions of the organizations. Omnichannel, then, was born and grew as a response from the business world to the personalization demands of new consumers. What is omnichannel and how is it different from multichannel? It is critical to understand the differences between these two concepts to advance the assimilation of each one.

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