What are good questions for a customer service survey?

Evaluate your needs to find the one that may be more in tune with your business. such as live chat, social networks and email. Reviews: if working on brand reputation is a key part of your business, a good way is to have the functionality to track user reviews and respond to them. Self-service: if the idea is to depend less on human service, consider BW Lists software options that serve as a repository of information to be consult by consumers. Report: if the idea is to identify points to be constantly improve see which solution can help gather information about the number of open customer service tickets and the average waiting time. 81% of respondents say their company offers self-service services.

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In self-service, the customer himself, using resources provid by the company. Although, seeks a solution to his problems. This type of support can happen primarily through the use of: Some of the new technologies in customer service These solutions Mozambique B2B List appear to be already being deploy in SMEs, as Capterra data indicates, as half of respondents said their customers have access to both types of solutions. There are also those that only offer chatbot assistance (18%) and, to a lesser extent, those that only offer access to online documentation (13%). Meanwhile, 19% said their company doesn’t offer any of these self-service solutions. Availability of self-service tools varies by business size.

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Employees of companies that have between 51 and 250 employees show that these are the ones most likely to offer both solutions (59%); this number drops to 53% in companies with between 11 and 50 employees and to 42% in companies with 2 and 10 employees, according to those interview by Capterra. Of the companies that implement self-service solutions, according to their employees, the main reason for the investment was the intention to improve the “user experience” (55%), considering that, through this type of platform, it can be easier for the customer to obtain assistance. Only 5% cite “budget reasons,” which could be an impediment to hiring frontline agents. Although, Online documentation is structur around customer queries.

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