What are the features of a hotel system?

The Silbeck hotel management system is divid into modules. The reception desk, for example, allows the user to access the establishment’s occupancy map, issue FNRH and invoices, manage apartment transfers, in addition to managing tasks such as package and tariff registration and configuration of the email marketing template . Silbeck also includes BW Lists a direct booking engine, with integration between the system and the hotel’s website, which makes it possible to display up-to-date information on availability and rates. The reservation system is customizable in terms of colors, images and text; it also offers the possibility of configuring the page in up to three language options to serve foreign tourists. At check-in, guests can do it online in advance, via email or WhatsApp, and to confirm their presence at the hotel, they can scan a QR code at the reception, without the need for contact.

Silbeck also includes a direct booking

On the issue of governance, Silbeck provides an application for tablet or smartphone in which it is possible to organize cleaning tasks, releases of consumption in the minibar, blocking and releasing the rooms through the platform. How to choose Afghanistan B2B List a hotel system In the process of digitalizing a hotel company, choosing the tool that best suits the needs of the establishment can seem like a complicat task. However, it is important for businesses to be able to identify the main tasks that could be automat and investigate which platform features could supply them.

Integration with other software

Email List

Below are some considerations that are worth making when choosing a hotel system: Integration with other software: ask the vendor about the software’s ability to integrate to prevent any tools already use by your company from falling into disuse. It is worth checking whether the analyz software is able to integrate with PMS systems , customer reference management software and review management system . Online communication: messaging applications are one of the main tools used by Brazilians to communicate online. Thinking about your type of establishment, evaluate whether it is worth considering the acquisition of software that is capable of performing some activities through these applications, such as online check-in.

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