What Is Affiliate Marketing & Why It’s Time To Introduce It To Your Marketing Strategy

The easiest example of affiliate marketing is to think about social media. You’ve almost certainly seen a celeb promoting a brand on social media with a special link or “discount code” that is unique to that individual. You follow the celeb, so there’s a good chance. That you might make a purchasing decision or sign up for more information based on their suggestion.

When you do, the celeb, influencer, or website receives.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Getting started with affiliate marketing is surprisingly simple, with many brands offering free registrations that allow you to quickly generate a unique link how to buy phone numbers in bulk that can be posted on your social media accounts, blog, or website.

Rule #1 of affiliate marketing: It can easily be perceived as cheesy or sales-y, so you have to make every effort to be natural and genuine in your affiliate recommendations.

Affiliate Marketing Examples

Amazon.com has one of the world’s largest affiliate programs, with hundreds of thousands of individuals promoting books and products that are available to purchase on the site. 

If you host an active blog BW Lists site, raising awareness of new books from top thought leaders in your industry could be an easy win. Promoting online courses from thought leaders can also be lucrative for the right websites or brands. 

Partnering with like-minded individuals whose ideas build upon yours can be a great fit for affiliate marketing.

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