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Thinking about one of the main complaints in the area of ​​customer service, which is the difficulty in finding the right software, it is worth noting that there are different types of programs to assist in the management of the sector, with very vari functionalities. Respondents to the Capterra survey indicat that most small and medium-size BW Lists businesses (SMBs) focus their support automation, especially on customer service systems (51% cite the use of this type of program), which help with the organization and distribution of call tickets between assistance agents. After the mention system, SME employees also mention other programs use in customer service: The most use software for customer service in SMEs On the other hand.

Respondents to the Capterra survey

The survey also identifi the low presence of certain software that mainly help companies that are implementing new types of service support, such as online documentation, for example. The least use software for customer service in SMEs Albania B2B List In selecting the right software, an important issue to consider is the type of support to be offer by the company, as there are different solutions for each style of assistance. Currently, according to the Capterra survey, 63% of SME workers interview said that their company has customer service services, with 5% having only helpdesk services (also call technical support). Already 32% declar that they have both types of services.

Customer service this type of support

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Helpdesk (technical support): relat to support for questions or technical problems; situations such as the difficulty in changing the user’s password are an example of the helpdesk’s assistance. – Customer service : this type of support can happen before or after a purchase to solve general doubts; changing the customer’s address can be an example of a service handl by the SAC. In addition to defining the type of support to be establish, other points can be taken into account when selecting the appropriate software for the company’s needs, such as: Multichannel: if the company offers multichannel support, opt for software that allows you to organize and integrate different channels.

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