What is telemedicine and how does it work?

Currently, there is a bill ( PL 1998/20 ) being process in the Chamber of Deputies in favor of the definitive regulation of telemedicine in Brazil. With the uncertainty that surround the topic in recent years, many health centers continu without adopting the modality. To help resolve some of the doubts of those who have start to pay attention BW Lists to remote medical practice due to the recent health crisis, we have prepar this post with some of the main points about how telemedicine works. How does telemedicine work? Telemedicine software allows physicians to talk to patients and each other and perform tests remotely. Such tools may include means of communication such as e-mails, instant messages and phone calls, but one of the most sought after features is videoconferencing.

Telemedicine software allows physicians

Software use for telemedicine must be specific for medical use, with options for diagnosis, treatment and/or consultation, and not simple videoconferencing programs . Telemedicine, therefore, is specifically about enabling interactions Botswana B2B List between physicians and patients and constitutes an area within telehealth. The latter encompasses, in addition to remote assistance services, the areas of diagnosis, education, health research, among others. What are the benefits of telemedicine? Among the benefits of telemedicine and programs that combine it with other functionalities, for both doctors and patients, we can highlight.

The latter encompasses

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Possibility to perform more consultations: by avoiding displacements, delays and queues in the waiting room, this technology helps doctors to perform more consultations and patients to save time. Decrease in the number of canceled appointments: medical software makes it easier to schedule and monitor appointments, helping to reduce the number of canceled visits or patients who do not show up. Exchange of information: doctors who use the same solution can exchange information in an easier and faster way and clarify doubts with more experienced professionals or who have already treated similar cases. Medical prescription software : digital prescription is a feature of the main telemedicine software, but it is also offered in exclusive and more robust programs.

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