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To function, it connects different technologies: augment reality, 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR) glasses, among others. Currently there are several individual examples of metaverse being creat, that is, it is not a single environment. It is important to keep in mind that technology is fragment and it is too early to determine which investments will BW Lists be viable in the long term. Are Brazilians optimistic about the advent of the metaverse? Like all new technology, the metaverse promises to break paradigms. A report by Galileo magazine on technology discusses that the metaverse can make online time more meaningful, others raise the thesis that there may be crimes, such as harassment and hate speech, in this online environment.

Brazilians optimistic about the advent

In addition to those that discuss the possibility that people become less human with so much digital immersion. Amidst the different hypotheses debat by society, Capterra’s respondents were more optimistic than pessimistic about Paraguay B2B List the metaverse. That’s because 78% said they feel positive to some degree about the technology – 48% are very positive, while 30% feel somewhat positive about the metaverse. However, it is worth mentioning that the majority believe that the metaverse is here to stay and that it will influence, at some level, people’s lives: 45% believe that it will influence to a large extent and 39% believe that it will influence to some extent.

The main explanation

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While there is great optimism surrounding the creation of the metaverse, there is still a long way to go. The main explanation is that, by 2025, the metaverse will be at a point of emergence, being use mostly by early adopters, according to Gartner predictions (content in English). The technology is not expect to reach its maturation point before 2030. Brazilians, however, seem to be more immediate about the point of maturity of the technology. Of those who believe that this virtual world is here to stay and that it will affect the lives of all people in some way, 75% expect the metaverse to reach maturity – that is, that it will be easily available to all people – within 5 years.

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