What purpose do users use the main social networks?

Access the complete methodology at the end of the article. What is the most popular social network in Brazil? Unsurprisingly, the Capterra study shows that the most use platform in Brazil is WhatsApp, as 98% of respondents declar themselves to be users of the application. The number of Brazilian respondents who use the messaging BW Lists application is ahead of other countries where Capterra is present and which also conduct the same survey. In Spain (93%) and Mexico (95%), although lower than the Brazilian percentage, WhatsApp also has a strong presence; on the other hand, in the United Kingdom and France this number drops to 69% and 51%, respectively. In Brazil, WhatsApp is also use as a customer support channel.

The number of Brazilian respondents

When investigating the use of social networks, what does seem surprising is the number of respondents who declar themselves to be Telegram users in Brazil, showing that WhatsApp is not the only messaging application with a strong presence in the national territory. Around here, 57% report that they are Telegram users. Messaging apps Saudi Arabia B2B List are one of the most use social networks in Brazil Bas on the responses of the interviewees, as you can see in the graph above, the Capterra study also indicat that there are more people using Telegram in Brazil than in other parts of the world. How to use messaging networks in your strategy – Customer service : messaging apps can serve as a channel for customers to ask questions about a product or service. It is possible to perform the service with an agent in real time or through automation, through a chatbot.

Customer service messaging apps

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Sales channel: in WhatsApp, specifically, it is possible to create a product catalog in the application’s business account. Thus, every time a customer contacts you through this channel, they will have easy access to the options menu. The apps with the most users are from the same company It is worth noting that the three most use social networks in Brazil, liste base on the responses of those interview by Capterra, belong to the same group. This is the American conglomerate Meta , own by Mark Zuckerberg, whose operations centralization took place in October 2021 at the same time that the founder kick off the development of the metaverse. Therefore, after WhatsApp (98%), other apps with high penetration among respondents are Instagram (91%) and Facebook (89%), as shown in the chart.

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