What should I know before starting a podcast?

Livestorm also offers analysis tools to track statistics with participation numbers, engagement, replays and polls, in addition to the possibility of recording the session. There is also the translation of content into 24 languages, including Portuguese. This means that the software translates materials that are visible to attendees, including landing pages, the BW Lists event room and email notifications. Complete version Users of the full version of Livestorm have access to more event participants (up to 3,000), more presenters (up to 16 simultaneously), and unlimited participant registrations. It is also possible to generate customized reports and have access to integration with other tools.  Overall rating: 4.6/5 In Melon, the user can carry out transmissions of up to four hours, with the participation of up to two people.

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The tool offers the option of recording the session and customization features, which include limited use of logos, banners and watermarks. This live streaming software also provides an option to monetize the streams by allowing the organizing person to solicit donations. The action can be performed through public interaction alerts: the moderator Northern Mariana Islands B2B List accesses the alert box widget and sends the request to the community to support it. Attendees do not need to create a Melon account to attend an event. They can access the live stream through the link shared by the organizer. It is also possible to plan the event in advance and share the schedule with your guests ahead of time.

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Complete version In the paid account, Melon users can have up to nine participants in their events, in addition to carrying out cross-platform broadcasts on social networks, for example. The brand customization tools (such as the use of a logo or overlays) are more complete and it is possible to store recordings on the platform for up to 30 days. Restream Restream Tutorial Restream allows the user to stream live events on up to two external platforms (such as YouTube or Twitch) at the same time, with up to six presenters participating. Users can have up to two organizers per broadcast, which have no duration limit.


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