What to consider when selecting a beauty salon program?

These appointments can also be made online by customers, through integration with WhatsApp. With regard to sales management, this beauty salon system offers features for command control, issuing invoices and managing product and service packages. While for finance, it is possible to monitor cash flow, track stocks and calculate BW Lists professional commissions. The beauty salon software has built-in marketing functions, which help the business to create and deploy targeted campaigns to its audience based on the collected data. Belasis allows you to test your system for free during a limited period of time.

The beauty salon software

Image of the E-belle registration system ( Source ) E-belle is a program for beauty salons with which customers can make their own appointments, and beauty salons have the chance to register and manage their products and services through a Ethiopia B2B List platform with access on different types of devices. E-belle’s features include inventory control, creating promotional campaigns and agreements, and sending notifications to customers via email or social media. With regard to customer management, the software offers the option of adding from 50 to 500 buyers, according to the type of plan contracted. In addition, E-belle provides a variety of financial features to schedule recurring bills and calculate commissions and billing.

Gendo financial information page

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E-belle also works as a free beauty salon program, as it offers a free version of the tool, with an online appointment service and limited registration for 50 clients. 4. Gendo gendo-sistema-salão-beleza-BR-Capterra-Image-4.png Gendo financial information page ( Source ) Gendo is an online system that helps different stages of the beauty salon service cycle, from booking an appointment to completing the service. Through it, the establishment can provide its customers with its own and customizable application, with self-scheduling functions and information about promotions, services offered and the latest news from the salon. With the Gendo system, it is also possible to catalog products and services, create discount packages and store before and after photos of the service provided.

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