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The point of maturity of the metaverse, according to respondents 78% are interest in accessing the metaverse The closest we experience today to the metaverse are experiences creat mainly with the use of virtual reality software . Access to this virtual universe can happen through games or through marketing actions in this environment, usually created by companies . Most respondents (78%), although they had never accessed the metaverse, showed interest in BW Lists accessing it. If we analyze the search behavior link to the search term “metaverse” on Google Trends in the last 12 months, one of the main searches made by the user is “metaverse enter”, reinforcing the public’s interest in entering this digital universe. Fewer are those who have already accessed –13% of respondents– and, behind them, those who have not accessed or are interested in accessing.

The closest we experience

Confusion with reality Beyond the enthusiasm for the technology, scientists warn of the emergence of problems such as eyestrain and real-world disorientation with the metaverse. However, for respondents who do not want to access the metaverse, the main fear is that the metaverse replaces our reality (36%). Of the 13% who have already Peru B2B List accessed the metaverse, the immersion seems to be recent, since about two thirds (68%) did so less than six months ago. How long ago people accessed the metaverse The vast majority (73%) said their main reason for accessing the metaverse is always to enjoy being up-to-date with technology trends. Although with less weight, there are also other reasons: “I heard from friends about the metaverse”, with 13%, and “I wanted to participate in a specific event/game” (12%).

The technological devices

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There are different ways to access the metaverse, via cell phone or computer, with a stable internet connection being one of the essential items for the journey to flow smoothly; for a more immersive experience, there is also the possibility of using a VR glasses. Among those interviewed by Capterra, access was quite diversified: some users (43%) used or use a smartphone to access the metaverse, while another (42%) used or use virtual reality glasses. The technological devices used to access the metaverse “Games” is the main driver of user access The main type of use made through the metaverse is access to games (62%), according to those who have already accessed this immersive virtual world.

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