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Regular web thorough assessment can be helpful even for exceptionally well-performing companies, identifying areas where further improvement can be made. You need help? We offer professional analysis of the company’s finances in their entire scope. We will help you assess the condition of your company and draw. The conclusions necessary to be successful in the process of applying for a subsidy. To use the service, please contact us. Aid for SMEs to support innovation is a special type of public. Aid intend for entities from the SME sector to support. Investment projects aim at implementing new or improve products, services and business processes.

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Aid limit and intensity Pursuant to Art of Commission Regulation the limit of aid for SMEs to support innovation is EUR million per enterprise and per project. The intensity of aid for SMEs to support innovation may not excee of eligible costs – for small Photo Retouching enterprises; % of eligible costs – for medium-size enterprises. Eligible costs Eligible costs include: investment costs in tangible fix assets as well as intangible assets; estimate wage costs for a period of years in the scope of jobs create directly as a result of the implementation of the investment project. For the cost of an investment to be consider eligible, the investment must include.

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An investment in tangible fix assets or intangible assets relate to with the establishment of a new unit or expansion of an existing unit or diversification of the unit’s production by introducing new additional products or a fundamental change to the production BW Lists process of an existing unit or acquisition of fix assets belonging to the establishment, provide that the following conditions are met the plant has been close or would have been close if the purchase of fix assets had not taken place, assets are purchase from third parties unrelate to the buyer, the transaction is carrie out on market terms.

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