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On the other hand, 34% would say “no” to surveillance of their activities. Employees were also ask if, if the company start using the monitoring system, this would be a reason for them to change jobs. The result is that, for 7 out of 10 employees, this would not influence their decision to change their company or not. Monitoring did not change employee BW Lists dedication Implementing an activity tracking system could have a direct effect on the way employees work, but that’s not what the numbers show. For 65% of employees, being monitor does not or would not have any impact on their dedication to work; they also show that it does not or would not have an impact on their motivation (63%) or their work ethic.

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When analyzing in a more macro way, taking into account the work environment as a whole, more than half believe that even with the implementation of monitoring tools, the work environment has not changed – for them, the environment is not Marshall Islands B2B List neither less nor more hostile. However, it cannot be ignor that just over a quarter (26%) do feel that the work environment is more hostile, which means that people may be more stressed, pressur or argumentative. Employee reception of monitoring tools Just over half of people surveyed (55%) by Capterra believe that employee monitoring tools are positive for the company.

People with management position

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Again, Brazil appears in the opposite field in relation to other countries investigated in the same survey, in which the majority believes that the impact is negative, as shown in the image below: The type of impact that monitoring tools have on the work environment As expected, in Brazil, this perception varies according to the hierarchical level. People with management positions are the ones who have the most positive perception of employee monitoring (64%). On the other hand, intermediate-level employees are the ones with the most negative perception of monitoring, which is 36%, followed by junior-level professionals. For most professionals, the benefits of employee monitoring seem to be linked to the possibility of performance recognition.however, if the delivery strategy is done little by little.

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