Which are our top performing

Which phrases are winning the most clicks? Are there some big winners? We don’t want to shift the keyword targeting too far from those high-performing phrases. If the top-performing phrase is already in the page title and H1 header don’t remove it from those places. Can I see this keyword data in GA4? Yes you can connect Google Search Console (GSC) to Google Analytics (GA4). This is done from the GA4 admin section. It’s one of the “Product Links” at the bottom of the Properties menu. But once connect none of the GA4 report

Features work

You can’t add filters you can’t customize the report. Secondary dimensions and comparisons don’t work. So you can’t view the queries and average positions for a specific page. You can’t use it for this analysis. We’ll use GA4 later to business lead set benchmarks and check results but currently you cannot do the analysis describ above from within Google Analytics. 2. Confirm your rankings Start by searching for the phrase in Google to confirm your rankings. You’ll immiately notice that the “average position” really isn’t the same as rankings. Sometimes you’ll see rankings higher than the report suggests. Other times you won’t see your site at all.

There are

Lot of reasons for the discrepancies. Your site may rank differently today than the average across the date range in the report Your site may have more than one page that ranks for the phrase Your site may rank in a SERP BW Lists feature (the local 3-pack image search results etc.) Your rankings may be push down by SERP features Your search results may be personaliz for you bas on your location browsing history etc. You can avoid that last issue by doing a few things before you search: logging out of Google using a “private” or

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