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Incognito” window using a browser you don’t usually use or using a proxy service. Really there is no such thing as an entirely neutral search. All searches are affect by implicit search signals. So don’t worry too much about trying to be anonymous. You’re not really looking for super accurate data. You’re looking for clues. Find a page that ranks for a phrase but not too high? Great. Let’s keep going! ProTip: Take a screenshot of the search results page Sometimes you can improve the rankings without impacting traffic at

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Results pages have super low clickthrough rates because they are fill with “SERP features” such as featur snippets Google maps videos images google maps people also ask boxes knowlge panels etc. If you take a screenshot of the Google SERP business database today using a tool like GoFullPage you can refer back to it if you later wonder what else appear near your search snippet. 3. Check the keyphrase relevance of the page Let’s start with SEO basics. Does the phrase appear on the page? Is it in the most important places? Is the

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Your rankings also improve engagement. Here’s the quick summary then we’ll go into detail. Find the striking distance keyphrases (Google Search Console) Confirm the BW Lists rankings Check the keyphrase relevance of the page Find the closely relat phrases Improve the page (ChatGPT) Wait a week… check the rankings! Measure the results (GA4) This post is our step-by-step guide to improving your Google rankings and search traffic fast. It’s the only SEO shortcut that I know of and my most reliable SEO win. I’ve done it

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