Why do companies implement employee monitoring tools?

Time management tools : it is able to record the amount of time spent working on a program or task. 3. Time and attendance software : this type of application records employee overtime and absences, also creating standard reports. 4.Productivity Software : This program manages workload through features such as to-do list, timelines, and goal setting. Among BW Lists  micro-enterprises, with up to 10 employees, and small companies (with up to 50 employees), this type of technology is least use; 63% and 53% of companies do not use software to monitor employees, respectively. Why do companies implement employee monitoring tools? At first glance, the answer to this question seems to lie in employers’ lack of trust in their employees, which can motivate them to look for what the team is doing during working hours. The research results, however, show that this is not the case.

The factors that motivat companies

When ask why they believ the company had implement the monitoring tool, the majority of workers (56%) cite increa productivity. Only in second place do activities relat to work control begin to appear. The factors that motivat companies to Guinea B2B List track employees, according to their opinion Employees’ perception that monitoring serves to “improve productivity” is closely link to the type of activities that are track by companies, another topic also investigat by Capterra. Although attendance control (73%), which we will explore later, appears as the main type of surveillance, activities relat to routine organization stand out next: workload management (51%) and time management (47 %), as shown in the graph below.

Regarding attendance registration

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Such activities can be organiz through productivity software , which, as mention, may be connect with the reason for monitoring cit by employees. Main activities monitor in the work environment Regarding attendance registration, which can be perform using attendance control software , an important factor may explain why it appears in the first place. Article 74 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) determines that all companies with more than 20 workers are oblig to record the time of entry or exit of the employee, in a manual, mechanical or electronic record. Recently, the Federal Government launch Provisional Measure 1.108/2022 , which is yet to be discuss in the National Congress, determining time control for professionals in telecommuting, but only for those who work per day, and not per production or project.

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