Will you offer a subscription service?

In the case of a box of books, it is possible to create a more premium version that gives the consumer access to some discussion club, for example. Make it easy to cancel: having the ability to cancel your service at any time is one of the advantages of a subscription service. So make the cancellation process hassle-free. Also, it’s worth putting together BW Lists a customer service team to handle cancellation requests. Chat support, which is enabl with live chat software , often works well for digital services.In addition, there is also a need for constant adaptation to industry trends. For example, Capterra research has shown that consumers use their cell phones more often than their computers to shop online. Taking advantage of this trend means choosing to create websites with responsive navigation.

Best e-commerce platforms

In this article, we evaluate some of the most use e-commerce platforms on the market, whose choice was based on the online popularity of the tool and the requirement that it be a national software (the complete methodology is available at the end of the text). Best e-commerce platforms: 5 options creat in Brazil 1. Integrat Store Presentation Iraq B2B List of the resources available on the Integrat Store platform ( Source ) Loja Integrada is an online sales platform for entrepreneurs who are starting their virtual journey or who already have a consolidat operation. The tool also offers resources for those who work with marketplaces and now want to have their own online space. In terms of personalization of the page, Loja Integrada makes available to the user resources such as typography, colors, background appearances and banners to be used in promotions or commemorative dates.

Taking advantage of this trend

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When organizing products, users can choose to enter categories or subcategories, in addition to being able to organize them by brands. In addition to the traditional resources to manage a virtual store, the Integrated Store offers the “Logbook” functionality, in professional plans, which brings information related to billing, sales divided by region and average ticket of the virtual store compared to others in the same segment. The Integrated Store has several types of integrations (for transport and payments), customer management report in compliance with the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD), in addition to a free plan for one user and a standard look.

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