Winners of the Apple Design Awards 2016

It’s amazing that young people want to share them, they want their ideas to come to life in the real world – adds Agnieszka Martyna. Participants of ABHackathon present a very even level – until the last moment it was difficult to predict which team would be award. – In the case of ABHackathon, the jurors had a hard nut to crack. All the projects were BW Lists very innovative and the victory was decid by minimal points differences. What’s more, we could see for ourselves that the social aspect is an important element of “banking” for the millennial generation. Many projects integrat elements of the Social Network – emphasizes Igor Zachariasz, manager of the External Partners Cooperation Team from the Innovation LAB Department at Alior Bank.

Design at the 2016 Apple Design Awards

Agnieszka Martyna has a similar observation – During our hackathon, the participants implement what they believe gives value, what is useful, and at the same time helps to maintain the relationship between the application and social systems. Thinking in terms of mobility is completely natural for young people and they understand its potential much Trinidad and Tobago B2B List better than “Digital Immigrants” from older generations. The Alior Bank Hackathon is one of the first events of this type organiz by a financial institution. At the same time, it proves that modern banks will more and more often and willingly reach for the visions and experience of the innovative startup world and change their products so as to adapt them to the millennial generation. ABHackathon was creat on the initiative of Alior Bank, and its implementation was supervis by the Flying Mind Foundation.

List of apps and games that won the Apple Design

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The event was held under the honorary. Patronage of the faculty of mathematics. And computer science of the jagiellonian university. Each year, during the wwdc conference, awards are given for the best mobile applications. Although, and mac applications in the prestigious. Apple design awards competition. This year was no different, Apple award developers who creat high-quality applications and games, using new ideas to apply aesthetic and intuitive interface in their projects. The winners of the 2016 Apple Design Awards receiv gifts from Apple, a trophy, and their apps will be featur in Featur Apps in the App Store. View award-winning apps from past years: Apple Design Awards 2015 List of apps and games that won the Apple Design Awards 2016 Auxy Music Creation.

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