Money is not synonymous with results

Early growth creativity is not just about creating products and strategies. Every beginning entrepreneur must also be creative with resource scarcity; Do more with less is the motto ! However, in marketing for large companies, money is not exactly an issue. With a good income, there is more money to advertise in the best media, hire the best employees, and have the best tools. However, all this investment does not guarantee results. There is no point in having large advertising budgets if you don’t know how to target the right audience, for example.

Bureaucracy limits innovation

As a company grows, managers must create email database processes and hierarchies to ensure good work in all areas. Despite organizing the company structure, these measures can hinder new ideas and business evolution. It is the crisis of control and bureaucracy that we talked about previously . When this happens, the spontaneity that was fundamental at the beginning of the business, when ideas were shared and decisions were made together, is lost. In large companies, however, excessive control, strong hierarchization, and distance between managers and employees can stifle creativity and agility.

Tools are not the essence of the company

Small businesses deal with scarce resources and BW Lists this is reflected in their technological structure. Manual processes are usually necessary because there is no money to invest in a tool that automates actions. With few clients and little demand, this is possible. You just need to have partners and collaborators who get to work and know what they are doing. However, when the company grows, it becomes unviable. Large companies need to invest in technology and automation to gain competitiveness.

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