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Games like Fortnite allow this type of interaction , which includes the use of an avatar – it is the representation of a person or character to guarantee access on certain digital game platforms. Activities perform by respondents in the metaverse Respondents were also ask if they’ve ever shopp in the metaverse – and the two main reasons, again, are BW Lists connect to the games category. Of the 57% who said they have already made purchases in this digital world, the majority (58%) report that they have invest in virtual games only accessible in the metaverse, while 46% have purchas virtual products such as avatar clothing. Avatar customization is even a relevant topic: 51% of those who use the metaverse said that avatar customization is very important, and they regularly spend money on new items for it.

Factors such as the need

Since games can also host presentations ( such as the singer Ariana Grande concert ) and other social events, many real brands saw the opportunity to launch clothing models for exclusive use by avatars in this digital universe. Others also Suriname B2B List took advantage of this online environment to launch clothing collections as part of their marketing strategies. Socializing in the metaverse is the main interest of those who haven’t accessed it yet, but want to access it Although the development of the metaverse constantly makes the news, access to it remains quite limit – as seen earlier, 7 out of 10 respondents had not yet accessed this virtual universe, despite being interest in entering it. The reasons that arouse interest in these people to access the metaverse are vari, as shown in the graph below.

The Second Life game already

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Respondents’ reasons for accessing the metaverse The main activity respondents are interested in doing in the metaverse is interacting with people (61%). However, it is worth remembering that the idea of ​​socializing in a virtual space is not new. The Second Life game already proposed social interaction in a virtual environment since 2003. Factors such as the need to pay to access new resources, lack of challenges and low quality connection were some factors that did not let the game succeed. Next, accessing games (53%), participating in conferences and events (51%) and purchasing physical products (51%) are also activities that respondents would like to do in the virtual environment.

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