Younger participants have the greatest perception of SAC improvement

Service agent handles the call in real time through messaging channels such as WhatsApp. Knowledge base : also known as FAQ, this is an online library on the company’s website, divid by topics, which usually answers the main doubts of consumers. Social networks : in this modality, service can take place through Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp BW Lists platforms, through their messaging tools, via live chat or through automation, with a chatbot. Online form : available on the company’s website, the contact form makes conversation possible by exchanging emails. The hypothesis that new support channels boost the impression of SAC improvement, by the way, does not exist by chance.

The hypothesis that new support channels

Respondents to Capterra’s customer service survey were ask to choose, among seven support channel options, which would be the platform they first select to contact a company. Although, majority (48%) chose live chat with an agent (via websites or apps like WhatsApp) as the first service method they would seek assistance with. The support modality Western Sahara B2B List via live chat may be associat with the 2018 launch of WhatsApp Business in the Brazilian market , which brought corporate solutions for digital communication with a focus on different types of companies. Although, The tool pav the way for connecting companies and their customers through the messaging application, reinforcing the presence of live chat software as part of the companies’ service system.

The previous legislation

Email List

At the other extreme, only 1% of respondents cite knowledge base/FAQ as their first point of contact. Understand consumer preferences in the chart below: Customer service research points to live chat with an agent as people’s first point of contact At the same time that a digital service platform is gaining relevance among consumers, in a shift to make room for new support channels, in April 2022 the federal government approv Decree No. standards for customer service. The previous legislation, from 2008, exclusively regulat telephone service as a support to consumers. Now, companies are also allow to use digital platforms, such as a chatbot or live chat with a human agent. See the changes in this comparative infographic.

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