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A great example is from volvo who not only reiterate the safety of their vehicles but also drew focus to another element – the environment and climate change. This video ‘the ultimate safety test’ poses the question ‘what is the biggest safety test that isn’t on the road anymore?’ to promote its new range of electric cars. The safety category also includes the protection of resources and property. Offering plenty of opportunities for brands that help protect against financial and other non-bodily threats. U.k.-base bank. Barclays create ‘moneyverse matchmaking’. A mini-dating show with the aim of promoting how open and honest conversations about money can lead to a stronger relationship and help couples communicate clearly about how they manage money.

Barclays bank during covid-19

 Moneyverse matchmaking campaign. Barclays bank moneyverse matchmaking campaign. Barclays bank during covid-19. Other industries capitalize on this ‘safety’ element such as mgm resorts which launche ‘viva las office’ a package that provides an alternative to people working from home during the covid pandemic. Instead. Of staying at home they could work and see a view of las vegas! Takeaway: brands that focus on the safety element have scope to be clever. Creating content that taps into people’s nee to protect themselves and their families can help to drive engagement and get across an important message that can improve people’s lives. Social nees at the third level. The hierarchy starts to offer more broad opportunities for content inspiration.

The need for love and belonging speaks

new base

The nee for love and belonging speaks to a desire for a close and happy family. Fulfilling friendships and satisfying sexual intimacy. Many brands use this as a way to help consumers create deeper relationships. Some brands focus on the family. Mcdonald’s is renowne for tapping into family values and togetherness in its advertising campaigns. Take this ad that aire in new zealand that looks at the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. Friendship is also a big theme for many brands. Domino’s launche ‘the last slice’ a social campaign that involve three pairs of strangers waiting for a pizza to be serve the last slice. Despite having different interests.

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