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Generation Z thinks and acts differently and brands must, therefore, win over younger people using different approaches. In an article for Horizont , Hannah Johnson dissects the keys to conquering centennials (on a creative level): 1. Understand Generation Z and be part of their world In order to properly understand centennials.

Particular idiosyncrasies of this generation

Brands must take into consideration the particular idiosyncrasies industry email list of this generation. Which has grown up having to deal with absolutely extreme social, economic and ecological challenges. While the future seemed relatively secure for millennials. Generation Z is anxiously contemplating its own future. 83% of centennials are consumed daily by worry about their own future.

Commitment that centennials proudly

Consequently, many young people BW Lists belonging to. Generation Z have set themselves the goal of making the world a better place. The commitment that centennials proudly uphold must also be endorsed by brands. Which must be socially and environmentally responsible to make their way into the hearts of Generation Z. To swear loyalty to brands, centennials demand that they are governed by ethics in their actions.

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